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Chameli "the flowers & plants"

Introduction ( Chameli )

Bound by nature, man exists. ‘No nature, no man’. Nature is the key ingredients in man’s life. Nature cannot be separated from man nor man can be from nature. “The flowers & plants” – the greatest gift of nature is inseparable from man. A flower with its enchanting beauty has always won man’s heart and soul. Flowers have become man’s part of life.

So, to provide with the greatest gift of nature “Chameli – the flowers & plants” was established by Laxmi Pradhan in the year 1992.

With the love for flowers and to increase its lovers ‘Chameli’ started its existence with the great effort to provide flower lovers with flowers.

Ones effort does always payback. So, did PRADHAN family’s ‘Chameli’ come to be one of the Best Nursery in Nepal. In its full swing of glorious days it has provided flower lovers with many facilities: -

§ It has provided them with flowers.
§ It has provided them with plants.
§ It has provided them with gardening.
§ It has provided them with waterfalls designing.
§ Etc.

Quality and reliable service and their effort have paid them. ‘Chameli’ in future promises to provide flower lovers with maximum quality services.
With flowers and plants for all ‘Chameli’ has and will continuously provide flower lovers with optimum service and quality product throughout the coming years.


Keeping the above things in mind and in view to make this world a better place to live in, "Chameli" was started. Its history dates back to the early days of the year 1992, the establishment year. Since then Chameli has never looked back and has now become Nepal's one of the leading and the best florists and suppliers.


Ideally located at pulchowk, just next to St. Mary's High School, Chameli- the flowers and plants, has a huge space just devoted to the nursery.
Mail address:-

Chameli-the flowers and plants
P.Box No:- 8975 EPC 859,
kathmandu, Nepal
Tel no:- 5548385.

Fax:- 977-1-5525174.
E-mail:- chameli@mailbox.com.np


The major services trhat "Chameli" offers you are:-

1. Supply of cut flowers

2. Landscaping

3. Maintainance of Gardens

4. Floral arrangements

5. Garlands and bouques

6. Rock gardens and rooftops.